[nodebb-plugin-sso-wechat-web] Login with QRcode of Wechat

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  • Above all,I haven't done i18n. It only support Chinese now . I'm welcome if you want to translate it to your language.

    Github repo: https://github.com/a632079/nodebb-sso-wechat-web compatible
    This plugin allow you login via the qrcode of wechat. First , you should apply for a website app in WeChat Open Platform .And then use the appId and appSecret that you get from the platform for setting in ACP.


    Search nodebb-plugin-sso-wechat-web in ACP and install it.

    Some good features

    • Some Oauth App don't offer email , so we require users to perfect their email setting.(Thanks for sso-facebook

    • Support use the WeChat Avatar as your profile avatar. (Thanks for gravatar)

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