v1.6.1 Launch Planning

NodeBB Development
  • Just a quick note for you all to let you know that v1.6.1 will be dropping next Tuesday, the 10th of October to include some bug fixes as well as a minor security fix that was reported recently.

    We're also using this patch release as an opportunity to address any issues that people have run into after trying to upgrade to v1.6.0.

    We do not expect any breaking changes, as this is merely a patch release.

    Feature freeze comes into effect 3rd of October, code freeze Friday 6th of October.

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    @baris Perfect. Thanks

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    Hi @scottalanmiller!

    Edit: Nvm! Figured it out. I had to update commander.

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    filter:topics.get does not provide that data, you can probably use one of the page build hooks like filter:category.build filter:recent.build etc. each page has one and it provides alot more data including the url.

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    I'm trying to integrate angular 1.3 with NodeBB as we need are looking for options to integrate it with our angular application with some customization. However, angular controller objects are not recognized in tpl files and I'm guessing that it's looking for those objects in respective js files instead of looking at angular scopes.
    I've included angular in header.tpl and tried to initialized ng-app on a div tag.

    How to achieve this?

    Code snippet -

    <head> <title>{browserTitle}</title> <!-- BEGIN metaTags -->{function.buildMetaTag}<!-- END metaTags --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{relative_path}/assets/stylesheet.css?{config.cache-buster}" /> <!-- IF bootswatchCSS --><link id="bootswatchCSS" href="{bootswatchCSS}" rel="stylesheet" media="screen"><!-- ENDIF bootswatchCSS --> <!-- BEGIN linkTags -->{function.buildLinkTag}<!-- END linkTags --> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.3.10/angular.min.js"></script> <script> var RELATIVE_PATH = "{relative_path}"; var config = JSON.parse('{{configJSON}}'); var app = { template: "{template.name}", user: JSON.parse('{{userJSON}}') }; var myApp = angular.module('spicyApp1', []); myApp.controller('SpicyController', ['$scope', function($scope) { $scope.spice = 'very'; $scope.chiliSpicy = function() { $scope.spice = 'chili'; }; $scope.jalapenoSpicy = function() { $scope.spice = 'jalapeño'; }; }]); </script> <script src="{relative_path}/assets/nodebb.min.js?{config.cache-buster}"></script> <!-- BEGIN scripts --> <script type="text/javascript" src="{scripts.src}"></script> <!-- END scripts --> <!-- IF useCustomJS --> {{customJS}} <!-- ENDIF useCustomJS --> <!-- IF useCustomCSS --> <style type="text/css">{{customCSS}}</style> <!-- ENDIF useCustomCSS --> </head> <body class="{bodyClass} skin-{config.bootswatchSkin}" ng-app="spicyApp1"> <div> <div ng-controller="SpicyController"> {{SpicyController}} </div> </div>
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    @psychobunny Notifications are still using the old utils.js relativeTime method