Debian Installation Steps added in GitHub and few things.

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    I was thinking on installing NodeBB on my Debian, but there is only CentOS and Ubuntu Installation Guides.
    As I wouldn't switch to Ubuntu (because that make me pisses off) and I wouldn't switch to CentOS (dependencies, oh god.. RHEL), I started to follow the Ubuntu Guide and adapting it to Debian.

    And I thought something "Why the freaking hell I'm not sharing this on the NodeBB Git and the community?" aaand.. I copied out each step of the installation (which is based on Ubuntu guide) and adding all of the features and extras for Debian and I put it on the NodeBB Wiki.

    In conclusion, feel free to edit it, to give me feedback and to take a look on this tutorial :

    OH SNAP : I JUST REMEMBER! I also edited the Nginx Reverse Proxy, in fact, DotDeb repositories includes the latest updates for Nginx (and Redis) for Debian.. it's really useful for webmaster (on debian).

    Thanks for reading.

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    Awesome, @robot! Thanks for this!

    Debian stable is usually so far behind we didn't bother, but glad you went ahead and figured it all out 🙂

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    yeah thx! i have alot problems with ubuntu i fighted 8hour and not worked BUT debian install to vmware follow instruction and first time works and still running 🙂 thanks

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