ERROR: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined when I use ajaxify.go on /categories

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    The problem is that when I write the path " /categories" ,a function "ajaxify.go = function (url, callback, quiet)" is called and I obtain the error. My purpose is overwrite the path" /categories" with my code:

    This is my code:

    			"hook": "static:app.preload", "method": "preload"

    This is my library.js:

    converter.preload = function(params, callback) {
    	var app =,
    		hostMiddleware = params.middleware;
    	helpers.setupPageRoute(app,'/categories', hostMiddleware,[], controllers.renderCategories);
    	helpers.setupPageRoute(app,'/api/categories', hostMiddleware,[], controllers.renderCategories);

    This is my controllers.js:

    Controllers.renderCategories1 = function(req, res, callback) {	
    	res.locals.metaTags = [{
    		name: "title",
    		content: validator.escape(String(meta.config.title || 'NodeBB'))
    	}, {
    		name: "description",
    		content: validator.escape(String(meta.config.description || ''))
    	}, {
    		property: 'og:title',
    		content: '[[pages:categories]]'
    	}, {
    		property: 'og:type',
    		content: 'website'
    		var ogImage = meta.config['og:image'] || meta.config['brand:logo'] || '';
    	if (ogImage) {
    		if (!ogImage.startsWith('http')) {
    			ogImage = nconf.get('url') + ogImage;
    			property: 'og:image',
    			content: ogImage
    	var categoryData;
    		function(next) {
    			categories.getCategoriesByPrivilege('cid:0:children', req.uid, 'find', next);
    		function(_categoryData, next) {
    			categoryData = _categoryData;
    			var allCategories = [];
    			categories.flattenCategories(allCategories, categoryData);
    			categories.getRecentTopicReplies(allCategories, req.uid, next);
    	], function(err) {
    		if (err) {
    			return next(err);
    		var data = {
    			title: '[[pages:categories]]',
    			categories: categoryData
    		//console.log("TITE "+data.title);
    		if (req.path.startsWith('/api/categories') || req.path.startsWith('/categories')) {
    			data.breadcrumbs = helpers.buildBreadcrumbs([{
    				text: data.title
    		data.categories.forEach(function(category) {
    			if (category && Array.isArray(category.posts) && category.posts.length) {
    				category.teaser = {
    					url: nconf.get('relative_path') + '/topic/' + category.posts[0].topic.slug + '/' + category.posts[0].index,
    					timestampISO: category.posts[0].timestampISO,
    					pid: category.posts[0].pid
    		res.render('categories', data);

    This is ajaxify.js and the error is at line ""

    ajaxify.go = function (url, callback, quiet) {
    		if (!socket.connected) {
    			if (ajaxify.reconnectAction) {
    				$(window).off('action:reconnected', ajaxify.reconnectAction);
    			ajaxify.reconnectAction = function(e) {
    				ajaxify.go(url, callback, quiet);
    			$(window).on('action:reconnected', ajaxify.reconnectAction);
    		if (ajaxify.handleRedirects(url)) {
    			return true;
    		if ($('#content').hasClass('ajaxifying') && apiXHR) {
    		if (!window.location.pathname.match(/\/(403|404)$/g)) {
    			app.previousUrl = window.location.href;
    		url = ajaxify.start(url);
    		// If any listeners alter url and set it to an empty string, abort the ajaxification
    		if (url === null) {
    			$(window).trigger('action:ajaxify.end', {url: url, tpl_url:, title:});
    			return false;
    		console.log("UR "+JSON.stringify(url));
    		previousBodyClass =;
    		$('#footer, #content').removeClass('hide').addClass('ajaxifying');
    		ajaxify.loadData(url, function(err, data) {
    			if (!err || (err && && (parseInt(, 10) !== 302 && parseInt(, 10) !== 308))) {
    				ajaxify.updateHistory(url, quiet);
    			if (err) {
    				return onAjaxError(err, url, callback, quiet);
    			retry = true;
    			app.template =;
    			console.log("DATA "+JSON.stringify(data));
    			require(['translator'], function(translator) {
    				renderTemplate(url,, data, callback);
    		return true;

    when the path go on the "/categories" and the method ajaxify.go is called (ajaxify.loadData()) , it returns the HTML code of page and not an object and so it shows me this error.
    Anyone can help me to resolve this?

  • Admin

    Is there any particular reason you want to override /categories? It might just be easier to set up a new route under a different name.

  • GNU/Linux

    @julian I need to override "/categories". I don't know how is it possible that when the

    "ajaxify.loadData(url, function(err, data) {"

    is called, with url="categories", the response is an HTML page and not a object

  • Admin

    @doppy said in ERROR: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined when I use ajaxify.go on /categories:

    helpers.setupPageRoute(app,'/api/categories', hostMiddleware,[], controllers.renderCategories);

    You don't need this, setupPageRoute already creates the api route.

    I am not sure if that will fix your problem though. To confirm everything is correct you can go to /api/categories and you should get back json data instead of html.

  • GNU/Linux

    @baris I need override the path because I need modify some values, so the default path is not correct for me, My question is how can I override the default "/api/categories" path and modify some value?

  • Admin

    You'll want to listen to the hook. You can remove all of the code creating the route override.



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