Testing on lesser known web browsers

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  • Opera Mini: Categories take very long to load, clicking on a post turns the page blank most of the time.
    LG webOS and Wii U browsers: Clicking on a category turns the page blank with only the top bar and loading indicator.
    Nintendo 3DS/2DS browser: Works, but icons show up as boxes.

    MyBB and PhpBB worked perfectly on all of them. It looks like NodeBB is just a little too complex for simpler browsers...

    Opera Mini makes me really worried because a lot of people on poor data plans or phones use that.

  • Thanks @Jop-V , can you let us know what forum you were testing on, was it this one?

    NodeBB should work on all browsers, so it may be a regression

  • Yes, the forum I used to test was this one.

    Will file issues on GitHub with videos/pictures soon.

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