How do I schedule a function one time in a future?

  • GNU/Linux

    I need to schedule a function one time in a a certain future. I use this:

    var timeout=setTimeout(function(){
    		}, 10000);

    But I read in the console the value "UNO" immediatly, and not after 10000 ms. Anyone can help me and suggest me how can I resolve this problem?

  • Staff Admin

    You don't need clearTimeout. Just do this

    setTimeout(function () {
    }, 10000);

  • GNU/Linux

    @baris Does it exist some method with node that I can use to schedule a function in a future. For example, my code is not a good solution because, If I must restart server , I lose the timeout. What do you suggest?

  • Staff Admin

    If you need to handle server restarts you would have to save some data in the database, like the timestamp you want the function to be executed, so after a restart you can check that value and run the function.

  • Admin

    You may also want to consider using cron.

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