Is there a direct HTTP route to the new topic form?

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  • Why lock a topic?

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    One of the use cases that I have - FAQ.
    You create this FAQ as a thread and lock it. If you need to update it - just edit your main post.

    Second use case - Duplication.
    You paste the link to the original topic and lock the current one.

    Does locking a topic make it a noindex page and exclude it from Google search results?

    I think no 🤔

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    It's much better, more like other chat-apps like Whatsapp
    Great work 😄

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    Hi all,

    I am not familiar with all the coding terms (newbie) but I'm learning! Trying to create a static page on my nodebb site. So I installed the custom static page plugin, created a new button in navigation that should route to the new page, and I'm trying to edit the widget in "Extend Widget". Nothing is working and this page keeps coming up: Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.53.00 AM.png

    Can someone please tell me in simple terms how to edit the custom static page, and route it correctly?? Thanks!

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    @Mega said:

    What do you think, will it okay for you? :3

    @pitaj said:

    that solution has XSS vulnerability

    Yup ^_^

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    Nice to see the W3 community has a sense of humour 😄

    EXAMPLE 6: Such Deep <form enctype='application/json'> <input name='wow[such][deep][3][much][power][!]' value='Amaze'> </form> // produces { "wow": { "such": { "deep": [ null , null , null , { "much": { "power": { "!": "Amaze" } } } ] } } }