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    As the title says, I'm trying to make it so only admins/mods can upload or adjust the cover images for people's profiles. I've looked around the various hooks and what not, but I'm at a loss of how to achieve this.

    I was originally thinking I could edit the function of the upload/edit buttons and check if the person has the required permissions; but I cannot seem to find where their functionality is actually defined.

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    oof... maybe, but not yet, I don't think.

    We can use LESS insomuch that what is entered is parsed back out into CSS, but because we don't rerun "variables.less" from bootstrap, then you can't really use variables.

    I'd recommend opening up an issue in our bug tracker so we can get this in if it's something you want 🙂

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    So I have looked at this in greater detail and here are the problems 1 I see.

    The sortedset really only records two bits of information: the UID and the filename. If anything more is needed the filesystem will have to be queried and logic added to evaluate the file. My view is I'd rather store this in the DB and pick it up in a single query than collect the data from the filesystem on the pageload. This process lacks the post validation check for uploads. This leaves debris in both the database and on the file system. I didn't spot a cleanup system that might take care of this.

    1 These are from the perspective of the problem I think I am trying to solve, aside from the couple I saw that are duplicates of issues I created in my own efforts.

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    Contact for further discussion on Skype

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    @PitaJ Thanks you! nodebb.min.js updated successfully.