NodeBB as a KNOWLEDGE BASE system

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  • We are looking for a KNOWLEDGE BASE System for our SASS product, we are wondering if anybody has advice or ideas on how to accomplish this using nodeBB. Perhaps a plugin would be handy. I feel KNOWLEDGE BASE system lack some of the community aspects of Support.

  • @melaleuca Always glad to hear about alternative uses for NodeBB 🙂

    For a read-only (or write-limited) knowledge base system, you can achieve this by limiting write access to categories through the "Access Control" modal. By limiting it to a certain subset of users (e.g. admins), normal users will not be able to create topics.

    Note that if you limit write access, normal users won't be able to reply to topics as well, as the privilege system that governs access is quite broad. We're looking to introduce finer grained privileges in v0.4.1.

  • Thanks for the quick Reply!@julian
    We are trying to create a Sub-Category is this something in the plans.

    We want to have something like Support as a category then other categories for other things like Email Support, Platform Support.
    I feel this might be needed as it would not be organized well.

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