Multi tenant use case

  • Hi

    I just want to know whether it is possible to use nodebb as a forum for multi tenant apps.


    something like shopify allows people to create online shops. now lets say shopify wants to use nodebb as a tool to allow shops to have dedicated forums. You don't want to spawn a server for each shop, but you can create one nodebb instance and let shops use that as their own forum. This means when a user enters the forum from a given shop, they will see a forum branded under the shop name, not shopify as a hole.

    I just want to know whether this is doable without a complete or significant change for the code base, for example one can add a field 'shopID' then the requests will return only users, posts, categories .... etc for that shop only.

    I am open to suggestions too, in case their is a better way of doing it.

    Thanks in advance, and let me tell you how awesome is this thing that you have built.

  • @riyadh-zenasni

    I think if you look at the Ghost blog plugin you'll find the way to do what you're looking for part of it.

    For the branding, I think you'd need to do some template magic to only show the forums for a particular domain.

  • @Shard Thanks for the reply.

    With regards to the template magic, do you suggest modifying the source code found in the nodebb repository or is there a place to use some sort of hook, example: onForumLoaded hook or something


  • I've never attempted anything like what you're looking at and my depth at the template system is fairly shallow, but I think you can do everything you're looking at just with templates and if blocks.

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