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  • Hi there,

    I want to configurate my NodeBB installation in a special way. Is it possible to store (export) a current NodeBB Configuration and import it back to an other running NodeBB installation? I just want to reset all the backend settings like favicon, group settings and theme settings.

    Background information. I want to migrate an old PHPForum to NodeBB and insert Users/Post/Topics automatically from a script into mongo. It works fine but after resetting the database, all configuration are lost. MongoDump is useful to copy everything, but I just want to "fixture" the backend gui config.

    Any ideas or plugin suggestions?

    Kind regards

  • I have the same question. It seems you can only backup the system settings by filtering on certain key or key prefix. But it is not a clean solution

  • I believe it's possible to run a migration script as an "append" instead of a "nuke and replace".

    You'll have to ask @akhoury more about that, unfortunately 😦

  • This post is deleted!

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