Is there something like @mentions but for posts?

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    Seems like it can work without any backend, although is easy to circumvent when used in that way. I think the hardest part here would be making it look sensible, as the version on that website seems far too big for the composer 😄
    As for implementing it properly - you'd have to somehow pass its response along with the post, but if you manage to do that it shouldn't be hard to actually handle it as it's just one simple http request to their api.

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    On the page ACP > Plugin > Composer (default) turn on the option "Use a separate route for the composer"

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    @yariplus lol yeah would be more simpler, I know about that method, but I went with the longer approach because my first few tries I had issues so I made assumptions that it was data type or something. Thanks though, that method definitely makes the code look cleaner.

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    @baris said:

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can modify core and change PostTools.parse

    me -> 😨

    I was thinking to extract the topic id from data.url and pass it back to the plugin backend to store, and then limit my plugin to one instance per topic for now. But I think that would be even worst, and when 0.6.0 arrives I would have to fix it anyways.

    I am a bit scared to touch the core stuff, but I may give your suggestion a try since it is less hacky, and better long term solution.

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    The camo one is badass 👍