Translation in Korean to be completed soon

  • Hi,

    I could not find any specific contact (email) to inform this, so will just writing here.

    My friends and I recently found NodeBB community while looking for a forum software to use,

    and first of all, we were amazed by what people have been building in this community.

    This is exactly what we needed and we truly appreciate it.

    Just wanted to let the admins know that as we are building a forum for Korean CrossFitters, we found

    that translation in Korean could be something we could finish in about 3 days from now.

    All 4 of us are either graduated from or are currently attending US Universities as CS majors and are also native Koreans.

    If there is a specific person that I should contact after we complete this task, please let me know.

    We will be working on this using Transifex (we found the project already), and wonder if there is any extra procedures we have to go through beyond the point.


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    반가워요 운영하고 계신 사이트가있나요??

  • @사다리하하
    반가워요 아직 디플로이하진 않았습니다 😉

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    @bravominski 네~~ ^^

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