replace login page with auth0 sso widget

Technical Support
  • I have setup a nodebb site and tested sso to my satisfaction. I would like to do two things:

    1. disable local auth
    2. setup a custom login page with the auth0 widget.

    Basically, I want to make auth0 the preferred login provider. If we simply disable the local login, going to login just gives you a list of alternate logins.

    How can I go about this?

  • I do understand I can make a custom page with the custom-page-plugin. I should be able to get the widget and login buttons to appear there. I'm just not sure how to make the login button go to that route.

    I don't necessarily need to replace /login, I just want to make sure that clicking login or doing something requires login (such as replying to a topic) takes them to my custom login page.

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