add some new attributes for the users?

Technical Support
  • Hi everyone, just set up my nodebb, and there are two problems I cannot fix on my own, It will be great if I can have some help here.

    1 > Is there any way for me to add some new attributes for the users myself? Like, forum coin, every time a new account created, attribute forum coin=0 attach to that account.

    I don't have too much experience on the web development, so my first thought was to create a new schema in the database for the user, and try to implement the new value, and make it visible on the page. But immediately I realized that the mongodb don't have a fixed schema, so apparently it is a wrong way to go to start from the database.

    2> I accidentally deleted the user uid=3, is there any way for me to regain the number, 3? I created user uid=4, and tried to update the _key and uid into 3 in mongodb, but eventually the account uid=4 just disappear from the forum altogether. I know this is kind of dangerous so never mind if it's difficult.

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