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  • I noticed that apart from the config.json file in the root of the NodeBB installation, that there's another one under the /public directory, which just has the following in it:

        "relative_path": ""

    What is the relationship between both config.json files and should the value for relative_path in both be the same?

    Since this is a dev issue, paging @baris, @julian and @psychobunny

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    Way back in the 0.0.x era, we had two config files, one server and one client. We later moved almost all of it to /api/config (You can see this one's, here). For some reason or another, relative_path was kept in because it had to be there, but I wager that is not a necessity anymore, and we can probably move/remove it

  • Yeah I don't think the public/config.json is used anymore but it is still being written by install.js so gotto remove it from there too.

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    Bonus points if you write an upgrade script to delete /public/package.json too 😛

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