Plugins are not showing in Find Plugin

  • Hi,
    I have updated my nodebb to latest version i.e. NodeBB-1.5.0. Now I was trying to install a plugin but nothing is listing in Find Plugins.

  • Yeah I am having a similar issue except mine was a fresh install of 1.5.0 hopefully someone has an answer. My hosting provider seems to not have one.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hello guys,

    My apologies, when we launched nbbpm did not detect the new tag and rebuild the packages accordingly. I've done so now, please let me know if the packages are still missing.

  • Awesome thanks @julian that has seemed to fix the issue. I thought it may have been a problem with my host and the way they have a script for setting up NodeBB with just one click and entering a few bits of info. Been working with them for the past couple of days on this.

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