• I've been trying to set up forever to monitor a nodejs project and to restart when I update files but I've been running into issues. I need forvere to ignore some files and I noticed a couple of references to a .foreverignore file you can use to do this but have found no documentation about it's syntax or how to use it. Anyone have any experience with this or can you offer a good alternative?

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    Maybe if you share the issues you are having, it will make it easier for help to be provided.

  • Isn't forever redundant now as nodebb has its own start, stop, reload and logs?

  • This isn't for nodeBB, it's another project, but with nodeBB you could still use forever to monitor the nodeBB launcher for redundancy.

    Is there a decent alternative to forever that will watch for file changes since the lack of documentation with forever is more than a little annoying.

  • Sorry, I didn't fully read your post. Have you tried Supervisor?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @sp4rkr4t You can use the -w or --watch option (I forget which one it is) to automatically restart when a certain file changes. Supervisor also has a watch mode.

    For NodeBB, the command is: supervisor -q --extensions 'node|js|tpl' -- app "[email protected]"

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