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    Yes, that should not be a problem. My rather elementary understanding of the GPL suggests that it allows you to use it for whatever you want to use it for, even for a site that is behind a paywall... but the source code has to remain open-sourced.

    If you have no intention of forking and selling a customised version of NodeBB, then I think you're pretty much in the clear 😄

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    @forums no, because cPanel is built for shared hosting services. NodeBB doesn't work with those services.

    We are working on making installs easier, but it won't involve cPanel.

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    Hi, I was using the write api plugin to create new categories and I wonder how I can also create the new category with a background image. Looking at the write api plugin's api endpoint, I only see:

    Requires: name
    Accepts: description, bgColor, color, parentCid, class

    But I'm also interested in uploading an image for this category and probably also change the "numRecentReplies" value from 1 to 3


  • Failed to use port:80

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    Nginx should start up automatically on system reboot unless you have installed it yourself.

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    @Mega as @Schamper said, I only discovered this last week, so we use require.parent.parent/etc for everything, but require.main works just as well.

    Keep in mind require.main's "scope" is app.js, so you'd have to do require.main.require('./src/groups.js'); if you want access to the groups lib.

    require.main will always be app.js for plugins, since plugins are only called by NodeBB.