Need Help with NodeBB live installation.

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    Hello everyone!
    First of all i want to say thanks to the nodebb team for creating such an amazing forum. i really appropriate the effort. love you guys..

    OK now coming to the point.

    My question is simple is there any special requirement for #nodebb hosting cuz i have hosting and domain i am hosting website on it build with Drupal PHP. is there some kind of special requirements for node.js application?
    Please help me with this. and i am beginner with node.js so please in a little detail thanks.

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    You need NodeJS installed, which requires a linux box of some sort.

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    The hosting you're using for your current installation won't work unfortunately, but all hope is not lost.

    @tenten8401 - you can find Windows installation instructions here...

    You need a host that can natively support Node.js, which means you're going to have to look for some kind of VPS supplier. do some incredibly cheap yet powerful servers!

    If you would prefer a more managed solution, I suggest Digital Ocean. Their walkthrough's are incredibly insightful, and this tutorial explains every little detail.

    Don't even try looking for a free supplier - almost every free Node.js host I've ever found hasn't been the standard I needed it to be!

    Happy coding!

    (Alternatively, if you send me a PM, I'll tell you exactly what to buy, and I'll set you up for free 🙂 )

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    if you want to use Docker:

    My setup uses nodejs + mongodb 🙂

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    You could either install node.js into your box ( if possible ) and accommodate NodeBB into it. Or, get a new VPS, install NodeBB on it with meeting server requirements. Link it to your choice of sub domain.

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