How to enable Single Sign-On between an existing site and NodeBB forum?

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    Is there any way we can redirect users in an existing site to NodeBB forum without asking them to enter login information again?

    We know that NodeBB supports social logins like facebook, google, twitter, etc. But does it support customized Single Sign-On with a third-party site?


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    @vincent-wei If the third party site has an OAuth endpoint, then yes, the nodebb oauth plugin could be customised to work with your login system. It is harder to share sessions, so we very much recommend using an SSO option.

    If you have existing user/password login, you can expose an OAuth endpoint using this:

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I am wondering if you know any example that illustrate how to integrate with OAuth login using oauthorize plug-in. An example would help a lot, 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

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    Has anyone successfully done this and have an example? I'm really interested in this and I'm sure others are as well - I think creating better documentation around this or a better process for this would help NodeBB's popularity a lot, it's the only reason I'm not using it right now!!

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    If your existing login system already contains an OAuth endpoint, then the work required to build your own SSO login is minimal (just for the sso-oauth plugin, and try it out against your OAuth endpoint).

    Off-hand I know the people at Layer Inc. and NFC Ring have created their own OAuth endpoints using OAuthorize. Perhaps they will have a better idea 🙂

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    Thanks! What if my login system is completely custom and doesn't contain an OAuth endpoint? Is there any documentation or method for SSO logins in that case? I have to think this is a popular structure for websites that have members and chose to build their own system 🙂


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    The OAuth2orize (or OAuthorize, if that's your thing) code works with existing login systems, and simple acts as a gateway to interface with your existing login system 🙂

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    Does this work with the nodebb hosted option?

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