where should i put the ads script ?

  • The ads script below is provided by the ad compay.

    • <script type="text/javascript">
      document.write('<a style="display:none!important" id="tanx-a-mm_81122775_2157835_72285000"></a>');
      tanx_s = document.createElement("script");
      tanx_s.type = "text/javascript";
      tanx_s.charset = "gbk";
      tanx_s.id = "tanx-s-mm_81122775_2157835_72285000";
      tanx_s.async = true;
      tanx_s.src = "http://p.tanx.com/ex?i=mm_81122775_21578359_72285000";
      tanx_h = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];

    I do not know where i should put it .

  • Itry to put it into the widget Topic.tpl , the topic page does not work .

  • 0_1487852826137_QQ截图20170223202606.png

    The script must be put between <body></body>

    how to put the script between the <body></body> ? which file should i edit ?

  • Admin

    You'll want to edit the header.tpl or footer.tpl file in your theme (if using a custom theme).

  • @julian Iam using the Persona theme .If I put the ads script in the footer.tpl ,the ads does not apear . And I try to put it in the topic.tpl of the Persona theme , then the ads apears ,but the page content disappear . If i refresh the page ,the ads disappears ,and the page content apears . The ads and the page content can not apear at the same time . It seems that they are conflict with each other.

  • Admin

    @zylfanny This is because the ads script you linked uses document.write.

    Try putting it at the end of <head> in the header.tpl

  • @julian thanks。I put it at the end of <head> in the header.tpl , the ads does not apear at the first time , must refresh the page manually ,then the ads can apear . I try many times. I think the best way is to put it in the topic.tpl . Is ther e any other way to let ads and page content appear at the first time ?

    my page with ads : http://www.xdoya.com/topic/269

  • why I click the link in my reply ,the ads and the content can appear at the first tme ,but other topic can not .

  • @zylfanny I have the same problem.

  • Admin

    This is likely due to the ad company not working well with Single Page Applications. You should talk to them about it and see what they say about it...

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