How import an utility method (in another file) in client script.

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    I need to create a file utility.js with some utility methods and I must use this utility methods in some client scripts.
    Suppose to have in a lib(folder) a file utility.js that does this:

    'use strict';
    var Utils = {};
    Utils.getPrint = function() {
        return "hello";
    module.exports = Utils;

    I want use this method in some client scripts but I don't know what I have to do this. I think something like this ( but it doesn't work) :

    'use strict';
    (function() {
    // I must import utils.js file but I don't know how do this. Something like 
    var utils=require();
        $(document).ready(function() {

    I want avoid to rewrite the same method in every client file it's not the correct solution. Anyone can help me?

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    I'd create a require.js module and define it in the modules section of your plugin.json👍

    define('myplugin/utils', [], function () {
        var Module = {};
    = function () { return 'bar'; }
        return Module;

    Somewhere else...

    require(['myplugin/utils'], function (utils) {
        console.log(;    // 'bar'

    and in plugin.json:

    "modules": {
        "myplugin/utils.js": "relative/path/to/your/utils.js"

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