ERROR listen eaddrinuse when I reload for the second time the forum

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  • I use vagrant to load my forum instance. So when I do in my console ./nodebb dev
    the first time it works normally. But when close the first instance and in the same console I do again ./nodebb dev I obtain this:
    Anyone can help me?

  • Seems like you don't stop nodebb when you close the first instance. I don't really know how vagrant works, but:

    Try running

    sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :4567

    It should give you something like:

    tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      12345/nodejs   

    where 12345 is the Process ID. You can kill the instance by doing sudo kill -9 12345.

    Or probably you can do something like ./nodebb stop (dunno actually)?

  • @Giggiux If I do

    sudo kill -9 12345

    (kill the process post) and after this operation runs the forum it works. But if I do

    ./nodebb stop

    It doesn't work. Do you know why?

  • I think it's something with vagrant, so when you do ./nodebb dev it loads it in background or whatever, so you can kill it.
    Try to do ./nodebb start (instead of dev), so you can stop it with ./nodebb stop, or do something that lets you manually kill ./nodebb dev (normally with ctrl^c)

  • @Giggiux I installed the plugin in another new instance but the error persist with the plugin so I think that the error is in the plugin. How can find it?

  • @Giggiux I resolve. My problem is that I close the console with ctrl+z and I must close the console with ctrl+c. I think that the first doesn't close all ports of nodebb !

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