[Solved] Experiencing some issues after moving NodeBB to another server

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    Maybe it's an idea to place version info in the footer wich link to the blogpost. Something like this.


    So it would be something like this.

    Copyright (c) 2018 NodeBB | Contributors
    version (v1.8.0)

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    Same error with persona theme and nodebb 0.9.3.

    [edit] the error
    500 Internal Server Error
    w and h must be numbers

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    Thank you 🙂

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    @velderia said:

    So... As far as npm install I'm having issues pretty much the same here: https://community.nodebb.org/topic/540/-nodebb-theme-lavender-lavender-theme-for-nodebb/73 (at the bottom) but I'm not sure how to reinstall npm on the stack or if that would even help.

    I guess I should be developing Node.js on linux but so far I've been dual booting and I'm thinking about investing in like a Gigabyte Brix and having two monitors side by side (or even a KVM switch). I use Windows for graphics and I like Ubuntu for developing stuff and it's kind of my dream setup to begin with.

    Edit: After rolling around in bed and drinking some coffee, I manually inserted the lavender theme in the node_modules folder, removed it from the npm-shrinkwrap.json file (created a npm-shrinkwrap-backup don't worry), and tried npm install again. It seemed to work up until "[email protected]" saying "no repository field" as a warning. I had to ctrl-C because it was literally stuck there. Now I have a bunch of nice modules installed in the node_modules folder but I'm assuming not all of them to be able to get NodeBB up and running.
    Tl;Dr: npm is really not liking .tgz I think

    Edit 2: I screwed up the entire NodeBB installation by typing node app too early and rushing everything. I'm going to take a break and probably upgrade the Ubuntu partition I have and do everything on there. 😞

    Hmm... What's the problem you're having exactly. I've been running nodebb on a windows bitnami mean stack for a long time without any issues whatsoever. Just make sure you pick the latest BITNAMI version (sometimes they hide them in favour of older more stable releases), install git and you're off to the races 🙂

  • Very happy with NodeBB

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    @meetdilip said:

    Though it is only a couple of days since I became active, I am really feeling good here. The readability, layout and navigation is cool. I would say even better than Xenforo. Keep the good working going team. All the best 🙂

    (Y) glad to hear that, we're still new-ish (7 months old) so lots of cool things to come 🙂