Delete topic setting confusion

  • I noticed a user had removed some of their own topics (with replies). I thought I had disabled this, but it looks as though I misread the setting, which after reading it again is actually a bit confusing with the wording:

    Number of replies after users are disallowed to delete their own topics. (0 disabled)

    I had this set to 0 - thinking disabled meant users would never be allowed to delete their own topic. But I guess not - I wonder if the wording of this should be improved, unless there is an issue here. If I don't want users to be ever able to delete topics, what should it be set to? 1 ?

  • @BuZz 1 is the correct answer,as the number of replies includes the first post in the topic which isn't technically a reply, which I think adds to the confusion.

    Also with the reversed logic from the 2 settings before (which are how many seconds someone is allowed to do something, rather than how many until they are disallowed)


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