Vultr v/s Digital Ocean for NodeBB forum.

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  • I am going to build a student centric forum, And therefore I am now doing a pre lauch study about better host, Features etc.

    When I searched a bit, I found my primary target audience are Indians. That makes me go for the fastest hosts in Asia.

    Vultr and Digital Oceans are the viable option in front of me.

    • So, what are difference between their cloud services?

    • Who is better for NodeBB? and Why?

    • Is there any reason why vultr is a bad choice?

    • Is 768 MB of ram enough for NodeBB?

    The anticipated simultaneous users at the first few months is less than hundred. As of now focusing for short term goals.

  • @educator Hi there. Fellow Indian here. I would recommend DigitalOcean over Vultr due to a number of reasons having used both. However there is a 3rd option which is better imo and that is Linode. 2 main reasons.

    1. Linode offers double RAM at 10$. You get 2gb RAM instead of 1gb for 10$. What I am getting from your post is that you want a 5$ plan. However it will be insufficient for even a small sized forum. Try going for the 2gb RAM option at Linode.
    2. Unless you are a registered business in India you shall have to pay 15% service tax on Digitalocean as of Jan 1 2016. Businesses dont have to pay this tax as long as they dont have a turnover of greater than 10 lacs per annum. This is because DO has officially entered the Indian Market and will need to comply with the Indian Tax authorities. This is not the case of Linode as they dont have an Indian office . This means that the DO plan at 10$ will be more than twice expensive when compared to Linode.

    Rest is upto you. Feel free to ask anymore questions

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