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    Feature Requests
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    @dread I've added a reward for this.

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    @julian said:

    So I'd have to make multiple hits against the database to check if the following users exist:

    John John Frikkin John Frikkin Doe John Frikkin Doe how John Frikkin Doe how are John Frikkin Doe how are you John Frikkin Doe how are you today

    See the problem? 😄

    I thought about this while posting the thread. I think I'll just disallow spaces in usernames 😄

    But hey, thank you for the extensive reply!

  • Reply by email

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    @Desmond-Kyeremeh said in Reply by email:

    A user will automatically be notified about activities on a topic when he creates a topic or comments on one. There can also be a checkbox to allow users to unsubscribe

    My users have this now.

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    Yeah need to check the textarea value and make sure it only contains @username and nothing else.

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    Why do you need to transfer ownership? De-list the broken plugin so it doesn't show up for new users anymore and put in a replacement with a different name, or put the options into the core nodebb functionality (which is honestly where this kind of thing should be). this is negatively impacting first-use impressions for me.

    Edit: Also the readme is incorrect on the repo you linked. It's still stating to npm install from your personal repository not the nodebb one.