[SOLVED] nodebb upgrade script freezing

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    I try to upgrade a nodebb instance from some 1.2.x version to the latest (1.4.2 I think)

    When I launch the upgrade it proceeds smoothly until the javascript building part.

    ./nodebb upgrade
    16/1 12:19:43 [18045] - info: [upgrade] Schema update complete!
    16/1 12:19:43 [18045] - info: [build] Building javascript
    16/1 12:19:43 [18045] - info: [build] Building client-side CSS
    16/1 12:19:57 [18045] - info: [build] js => Completed in 14.563s

    At this point the scripts hangs indefinitely, using no CPU time...
    The upgrade can be aborted using ctrl-c, the resulting installation is unusable.

    nodejs is version 4.7.2 from the nodesource distribution, on a Centos 6 server.

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    During the upgrade the following url is fetched: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:300,400,500,700

    I was getting a 501 http error..
    It was caused by the proxy, and solved by bypassing it.

    The upgrade completed successfully.

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