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    Hi guys, I saw that there is nodebb-plugin-write-api,
    How can I create a POST route with authentication in one of my plugins, maybe using/extending nodebb-plugin-write-api?

    SOLUTION: here

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    Any help? 😟

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    Could you explain what you trying to accomplish?

    When you create a POST route using the router parameter sent to a plugin's load hook, the middleware already authenticates the currently logged in user, placing their data in req.uid/req.user.

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    First of all: thanks for the answer!

    I would like to "expand" the Write API, so using as middleware the one that uses the Bearer Tokens.
    I have another server from which I want to post some content automatically and then "apply to this content" the "functionalities" of my plugin.

    Let's say that the idea is like: I want to create a topic and right after make it a question. Making the topic a "question" is a socket request that only admins can do, so I wanted to create a POST route on my plugin that authenticates with the Bearer Token instead of req.uid.

    If it's not clear I'll try to explain it better 🙂

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    If it is just for your own forum, I would rename the write-api plugin. (folder and package name) that you can use the same token system to authenticate. Then create the new routes, It should be straightforward by looking at an existing route. eg And your app would send a request to that route with the bearer token. In your example, you would just be doing the same thing the qa plugin does here with your new tid from the request.

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    @yariplus Mhm so I have to work a little bit on how to mix the two things, because I already have my "personalized QA plugin", I thought that after installing the write-api plugin I could use their middleware, instead I need to copy that into mine plugin.

    Thanks for the answer 🙂 You've been really useful!

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    To anyone searching the same thing, I resolved the problem using the custom write-api hooks, I wasn't aware of:



    that gives you data, I used it in this way:

    function(data, callback) {
    	var app = data.router;
    	var apiMiddleware = data.apiMiddleware;
    	var middleware = data.middleware;
    	var errorHandler = data.errorHandler;
            app.post('/route', apiMiddleware.requireUser, function(req, res) {
            // do stuff
    	callback(null, {
    		router: app

    Obviously you should have nodebb-plugin-write-api installed.

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