Anyone used VPG.AG vps instead of Digital Ocean?

  • I have a fairly popular blog on Engineering for Indian students. And as everybody knows, The hosting companies in India is just a laughing stock. They lie like the feku PM.

    While I search for Digital Ocean, the ad came on top. Out of curiostiy, I checked their offers and found it low and easy going on my budget.

    I need you guys's input on this.

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    @educator never heard of them until now. If you have educational ties there might be other options, if you search Google for GitHub student pack there's a bundle of free stuff you can use

  • Yeah, They uses LXC Container. How good is that for a such an app like NodeBB?,and what are the difference between LXC and KVM, OpenVZ etc?

    As my objective is a full fledged site, and I am not student. Therefor, It would be difficilt to use the Github programme

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    LXC refers to the technology that enables programs to work in containers like Docker. I haven't tried it, but there are dockerized versions of NodeBB that are supposed to be easy to deploy. Because it's still kind of a new technology for deployment YMMV.

    Traditionally NodeBB is deployed as a process running on a VPS (which is commonly a VM dedicated to you (aka KVM)) since it already has all the daemonization logic built in. So, this is the best tested and most common method of deployment. You can get a VPS from providers like Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure, etc.

    Even if you don't have access to educator resources, there are typically ways to get free server time

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