[nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage] Blog post widget?

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  • In the example image they have of the widget, they add an example of a blog post. I was wondering the best way to go about adding something. Surely it's not all done manually in HTML?

    I was thinking of showing all of the recent topics from a category so users can see the latest information at a glance from the homepage. Preferably I'd like to add it as a widget to the custom homepage, but there is no widget. The closest is recent topics, but they don't let you specify a category for which the posts come from like the posts and pulls it in globally. Sorry I'm new to nodebb, any thoughts or ideas?

  • That is static HTML. If you are looking for a plugin that displays topics as a blog post, you may be interested in nodebb-plugin-featured-topics-extended. Example here. https://forums.stonebound.net/

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