Other webapps derived from nodebb, non-forum?

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    Try nodebb-plugin-iframely

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    @tallship Some of the "temporal" may be mitigated via use of a bouncer, e.g. ZNC. Bouncers remain connected on per account/network and channel basis w/configurable scroll back buffers, e.g. 70 - 300 lines.

    ZNC is likely the best known ROSS bouncer. Cruises right along on even most minimally provisioned vm offered by this, that, or the other cloud provider of the day....

    Feel free to reach out for additional help.

    Have a groovy day, eh? 🐕 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🏖

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    @paopevil said in Ghost cms with Nodebb in one VPS:

    but Discourse and Nodebb are better source code so you?

    Maybe you mean a comparison. I can give my personal view:

    Both are excellent, and the two best known next-generation forum applications. Discourse is a Ruby on Rails app, while NodeBB is a Node.js app. Discourse has more bells and whistles, while NodeBB is a bit simpler and more lightweight but with all the necessary features and more without being heavy on the servers. Discourse needs more server resources, while NodeBB is faster and more performant with less resources needed. In my humble opinion, Discourse's famous leader is very interesting and brilliant but very opinionated and can say repeatedly no to some user's frequent requests (e.g. over two category levels, pagination, etc.), while NodeBB's people are also very talented but more flexible trying to give options to the users.

    At the end of the day, both applications are really good and innovative, probably the best options for communities today.

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    @julian Supporting just one use case would give the possibility to anyone with a cheap vps dedicated to nodebb to adapt to it.

    If it could backup all configurations and installed plugins, with a way to restore it in another fresh installed instance, that would be very good.

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    @julian "windows 4 lyf" 😆 Waiting for my Pi b+ to arrive! then I'll load ubuntu on that and use it as my development board, keep the normal b model pi for XBMC. Not sure how easy it is to cluster the raspberry pi.

    However for something that's made in the UK, it takes long enough to post to me...