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    Do you think that is possible to change username in family name and first name because i want to use the forum for professional?
    I see in the code that, "username" is used as a KEY.

    Do you think i ca use email as a key and maybe buitd a plugin for that or it's impossible.


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    I remember @julian mentioned some time ago we should allow users to login via either email or username - definitely something we wouldn't mind added to the core instead of a plugin 🙂

    As for showing the user's full name instead of their username, I would just modify the register.tpl template to add "First name" and "Last name" input boxes, and make "username" a hidden input. When the user hits submit, I would first validate and then concatenate first name and last name and save it in the username hidden input, the backend will take care of the rest as usual 🙂

    In your language file, change "username" to "full name" everywhere. I think that's it 🙂

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    Thanks for reply @psychobunny

    Your solution is interesting but how do i do, if two people have the same first name and last name?
    Because if i concatenate both to make the username, we can have a problem.

    I think we can't use first name and lastname as a KEY, but email can be the new key.

    Thanks for your help 👍

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    That's a good point, I didn't think of that. "Your name has been taken, try a different name" LOL

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    Lol yeah, users gonna wonder how mad we are !! 😄

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    For the most part, I am against enforcing "firstname lastname", because it does not actually enforce anything. I could still put down "myfake username" as my first and last name.

    I feel this is more of a community issue, and that you should just write a note in the MOTD encouraging users to sign up with their full names, and encourage existing users to change their usernames to their full name.

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    Regardless of peoples feelings about enforcing real name policy having it as an administrator option is a boon for the platform as a whole.

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    We already have a full name field in the user profile. That can be used as the display name as well.

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    The username is used as a KEY so you have to put a username, but it's useless in my case.

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    I don't see how that's a boon for the platform. How easy is it to register on a social platform that demands real-name registrations with a fake first and last name? Considering how many times I've done, I'd say, pretty easy,.

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    I understand your point of view but we cant encourage people to do that because if two person have the same first name and lastname, the second one can't register with his id? That's the issue

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