Thank you for the idea of SEO. a. I agree with @julian there are philosophical disagreement b. agree, adding Google schema support could be built-in like we have seen FB open graph is built-in c. not a forum, try other software d. would be helpful, could be done by a plugin. Argueable could be built-in too, IMHO e. I have nothing against but I think it would be a large project because I could picture some addition live ML and log mining needs to be developed for this to be generalized, and could complicate the core NodeBB a lot. f. not a forum, sounds to me a social network g. has been done by plugin and you could pretty much develop it yourself. h. not thing against it, I think it currently works. i. it's more of a site operating and community engagement strategy j. not a forum k. Good idea, could be done by plugin l. This is already in place, right m. good idea. I don't see why not but I assume it already works n. same as k