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    Thank you for the idea of SEO.

    a. I agree with @julian there are philosophical disagreement
    b. agree, adding Google schema support could be built-in like we have seen FB open graph is built-in
    c. not a forum, try other software
    d. would be helpful, could be done by a plugin. Argueable could be built-in too, IMHO
    e. I have nothing against but I think it would be a large project because I could picture some addition live ML and log mining needs to be developed for this to be generalized, and could complicate the core NodeBB a lot.
    f. not a forum, sounds to me a social network
    g. has been done by plugin and you could pretty much develop it yourself.
    h. not thing against it, I think it currently works.
    i. it's more of a site operating and community engagement strategy
    j. not a forum
    k. Good idea, could be done by plugin
    l. This is already in place, right
    m. good idea. I don't see why not but I assume it already works
    n. same as k

  • Introduce yourself!!!

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    Hi Guys =),

    I just realized that i didn't introduce myself after couple of weeks discovering what all of you brilliantly created.

    I am a 24 yrs old French, with international business formation.
    I started to learn a bit of code and design (gimp) when i was 16, and at that time i created my first website (with notepadd++ and tutorials of siteduzero, French will know ^^) ; a motorcycle website/forum (phpbb) dedicated for my hometown community, a french island lost in indian ocean .

    Then with my studies i started to drop all of that, as well as my first passion, Motocycle :'(.

    After travels and work abroad in China, I decided to move back to France, Bordeaux precisely, where i wanted to start a new company. After months of research, draft of business plan about shoes and international business ...

    We just realized that there was some opportunities in the collaborative and freelance economy and we are aiming to redefine collaborative work platform targeting freelance.

    My objectives using now nodebb, is to built a community around our project for three different reason:
    First displaying our concept and project through a video to earn visibility.
    Second hoping to attract the Freelance community, to support and exchange about features of our product.
    Then attract/recruit as well coders/programmers for development of the platform.

    Nice to meet you all, and thanks already for the support provided !