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    Varun Ganesh DV

    @dogs thank you
    Issue resolved

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    @pichalite said in Custom Homepage: Recent + Categories:

    Yes. Create a plugin to add recent topics data to categories route. Modify the theme template to show this data.

    Could you add just a little more detail to this?
    I have a custom homepage and Im trying to add a list of categories using:
    <!-- IMPORT categories.tpl -->

    But it just displays: No new posts.

    Do I have to hook into something to add the category data?

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    This can be easily done with a plugin.

    Use the static:app.preload hook and add a middleware to the express object. Something like below.

    myPlugin.onPreLoad = function(data, callback) {, res, next) { if (req.path.startsWith('/') || req.path.startsWith('/api')) { if (req.uid) { helpers.redirect(res, '/recent'); } else { helpers.redirect(res, '/categories'); } } else { next(); } }); callback(); };
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    @baris thanks!!!

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    Dustin FalgoutD

    @julian Right, I understand. It just makes it difficult to migrate from a more traditional forum like phpBB (which is the most, or perhaps second-most, used forum software today). I think making it easier to migrate from phpBB's format could only help nodeBB gain more ground 🙂 Here is the github issue I opened a couple weeks ago. It was closed, though I hope we can reopen it. I'm more than willing to contribute. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

    Link Preview Image Posts from child categories are not shown on the home page. · Issue #2549 · NodeBB/NodeBB

    This becomes an issue when the parent category does not contain any posts directly, but has several child categories. Is there a way to adjust this behavior? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated! 😄


    GitHub (

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    @cfrancois IMPORT does not work in widgets

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    @kimmanuel what I meant that it's too fast for the user to see it.

    just use the Custom JS and try it out. It'll work, i already edit the menu items here:

    Right click and view-source (or if you're in chrome click here) and you'll see the Custom JS script tag that reverses the menu items, hides the icons, shows the text instead and it adds a new item called "Home"

    <script> $(function() { var ul = $("ul#main-nav"); var items = ul.find("li"); items.each(function(i, li){ li = $(li); li.find("a>i").addClass("hide"); li.find("a span").removeClass("visible-xs-inline"); }); ul .append(items.get().reverse()) .prepend('<li><a href="" title="" target="_top" data-original-title="Home"><i class="fa fa-fw fa-home hide"></i><span class=""> Home</span></a></li>'); }); </script>