So I'm theming the list of topics in a category and I encountered some unexpected behavior regarding when to use something like {topics.title} vs {../title}.

The relevant code for category.tpl is this:

<!-- BEGIN topics --> <!-- IMPORT partials/category/topic.tpl --> <!-- END topics -->

And inside partials/category/topic.tpl:

{../title} {../postcount} {../viewcount} {../teaser.user.username}

API data:

{ "name":"General Discussion", "title":"General Discussion", "description":"A place to talk about whatever you want", "topics":[ { "title":"Hey now", "postcount": 3, "viewcount": 3, "user":{ "username":"testuser" }, "teaser":{ "content":"<p><a class=\"plugin-mentions-a\" href=\"http://localhost:4567//uid/7\">@testuser</a> Does this notify you?</p>\n", "user":{ "username":"zombachu" } } }, { "title":"test", "postcount":23, "viewcount":8, "user":{ "username":"zombachu" }, "teaser":{ "user":{ "username":"zombachu" } } } ] }

Why does ../whatever in topic.tpl give me the data in the topic that I'm asking for, but {../title} give me the category's title instead of the topic's title? {topics.whatever} works for everything too, including title but it feels weird to me referring to a variable that doesn't exist in topic.tpl.

I understand that .. typically means going up a level/directory but in Persona's categories listing they do the same in partials/categories/item.tpl. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a bug?