From C9 to Openshift
If your looking to do this free then you may be real poor like me and how much data you use counts (I buy my net in lots of 500meg, ever meg counts), c9 can help with that.
c9 is an online IDE, using it as your middle man with installing nodebb can allow you to avoid having to down and then up all the nodebb code. Without c9 each test install cost me around 70meg (I think thats what it was), using c9 its under 5.
And the best thing is theres not trick to it, its do exactly the same steps but from c9's bash tab instead of your computer.

Create an account with c9.
Create a NodeJS workspace.
Open it.
Now just do all the usual steps you'd do in your cli in c9's bash console and you''ll avoid having to down/up you'll get to experience c9's amazing work.

@drew Im sure Ill end up making a plugin at some point, but right now Im just learning Openshift and how to deal with updating and all dat.