Nodebb v1.3.0

NodeBB Development
  • NodeBB team release v1.3.0.

    Thats new:

    • Add to post "replies to this post" link (expands/collapses the replies inline under the post)
    • SSO plugins can to redirect users back to the page they were on
    • User is able to restore deleted posts
    • EU Cookies Notification/Warning
    • Show original post/topic etc dates older than month (customizable)
    • add registration queue approvals/rejections to the event log
    • fix collision of button text in user picture changer on mobile/tablet devices
    • refactor favourites (favourites become bookmarks) breaking change plugins and themes
    • edit password screen can display validations
    • default group chat name to usernames
    • automatically deleting the topic with no posts (when moderator delete last undeleted post)
    • allow regular moderators to access the general flagging interface
    • textcomplete update to 1.7.2


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