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    First of all hi and much thanks to the developers for producing such modern software. I really appreciate the work done here. Keep it up!

    So, I have been looking for Trust/Trade reputation plugin. However I couldn't find it in both under ACP nor Github. If you are curious about what I mean by "Trust/Trade reputation system", well here it is.
    It's a plugin allows users to leave feedback (positive, negative, or neutral) on each other if any trade was made between them. It is available for vBulletin, SMF, and maybe few others that I may not know.
    I really want to have this plugin in NodeBB therefore.

    Here's few example pics of plugin.
    SMF> bitcointalk
    I think this is a really useful plugin. Because, when trades happen in your forum and users want to know that who they are trading with.
    Hoping if any can make it.

    Thanks everyone in advance,

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    The hard thing would be to check if a trade really happened, because otherwise someone can have fake feedbacks.
    Are you using a plugin for trading?

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