Using's "namespace" feature

  • Hi, I would like to use NodeBB/src/ as much as I can for my own application, but I would like to separate all of my own socketing into a custom namespace (not just method name namespace, but Socket.IO's own namespace feature.)

    To get a server object that listens on a namespace I do

    var socketio = require.main.require('./src/');
    var nsp_server = socketio.server.of('/custom_namespace');

    Now my issue is, if using nsp_server to listen to connections, such as here:

    nsp_server.on('connect', function (socket) {

    The socket object does not seem to come already processed by the middleware that the proper NodeBB sockets do (such as the authorize() in src/ which is what populates the socket.uid value)

    On the other hand, if I am to use src/, then I won't have to deal with the nsp_server.on('connect', etc... But in that case, I won't be able to use the custom namespace feature (right?)

    So, either, how do I (re)use NodeBB socket middleware without (re)writing it in my own code, or how do I use SocketPlugins with a custom namespace?

    Thanks for reading. I would greatly appreciate any input! lets discuss! ❤

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