• Don't see this as an advert please 😛

    Basically the title says it all. I have upgraded my servers and now have some RAM free. The server uses DDR4 ECC RAM, which is even better for Redis.

    If you want to host a Redis database drop me a PM. All I need is the amount of memory you need and how much you would pay for it (negotiable).

    And no, there are no limits on the amount of requests you can do nor is there any traffic limit.

  • Gamers

    It helps to include in which DC your servers are located. If there is a lot of delay between the server that hosts the database and the web server, then this would never be a good offer.

  • @JasperNL forgot to add that.
    I host in France. Up/down is 1Gbits (non shared).
    Furthermore the Redis instance features 2 more M+S. Up time is around 99%.

    Feel free to drop me a PM, if you have more questions.

  • Bumping this. Just hit me up with any questions. Pricing is variable, but definitely cheaper than any other Redis hosting solution out there.

    If there is no one interested I will make a posting on Reddit.

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