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    Hi all
    When I was using Persona theme, the avatars of the group members used to show on the main groups page (/groups)

    Screenshot 2023-03-02 135502.png

    I'm now using Lavender. Is there a way to show these avatars here now?
    Otherwise, what is the white space for?

    Thanks so much

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    The changes need to be made to the files of a Persona theme, found the directory like this:


    I was try to do this on my forum and I did it, this is what you need to do:


    You need edit 2 files - topic.tpl and post.tpl

    /node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/topic.tpl /node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/partials/topic/post.tpl Copy and remove this code in the topic.tpl <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div> Paste this in the post.tpl after {posts.content}

    <div class="content" component="post/content" itemprop="text">

    <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div>


    Now run the command to build Nodebb and that's it, ready.


    (note that when the screen size is a mobile phone the tag is not even displayed in the post/header.)

    Yes, you right. To show tags on mobile you need remove hidden-xs in the div class.

    <div class="tags tag-list inline-block"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div>
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    @Danny-McWilliams Completely agree.

    This could definitely be a nice plugin, like nodebb-plugin-shoutbox already is, but to me it doesn't make much sense for it to be in NodeBB core.

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    I have never seen on any forum which showed which users are reading the thread and keyboard icon next to someone if he's replying

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    Looks fine to me as well, confirmed here.
    Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 2.59.52 PM.png