is there any flash plugin alows add flash player in posts

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    Not offhand, but perhaps this is something you'd be interested in sponsoring?

    Reach out to us at [email protected] 🙂

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    Hi everyone,

    i have a problem with this plugin.. I have this message " NodeBB Commenting has been disabled. "

    So in the blog post, it dont show the box of reply (like in example), but i have the "publishing button" and it works..

    I try to find on internet a solution, i didn't..

    Can you help me ?


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    How to reset all points to 0?

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    @Oroton said:

    @Codejet said:

    @Mega , have uploaded this pic, simply these are 3 dif screenshots in the one pic.

    First is initial reload pushes all adjacent horizontal categories downwards leaving gap in masonary, middle is after 2 reloads (perfect, what we want), last one is after navigating and coming back to the front page.


    I have a solution to cause a page reload whenever condition is met in

    $(document).on('ready', function() {}

    if condition matches front page url. But obviously you would not advise this

    EDIT: scratch that can't even get that to work since a root url link just doesn't exist. lol I'll keep trying

    Have you got this facebook plugin working?

    Working correctly in 0.7.0-dev. Both in the Masonry and Widgets.

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    As far as I know there is not an official plugin yet to support OpenID Connect in NodeBB.

    If anyone is still looking for a work-able OpenID Connection option, we've built one for production usage but it should work with any OpenID Connect identity provider.

    Supports discovery using the .well-known/openid-configuration URL Supports configurable email claim, defaults to email Supports Logout URL Optionally map roles by a named claim provided in the Userinfo endpoint response Documented option to bypass the default login panel

    Feel free to open an issue if you find it is missing anything.