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    Hi @baris

    Thanks for the reply. We're on Redis here instead of Mongo. Sorry, I should have specified.
    I did the same thing in Redis, It appears that we had a lot of "blank" notes which were just timestamps - I've removed these (or rather, I converted them over to objects with a timestamp property) and it appears to have resolved this for now.

    Not sure going by the timestamps exactly what caused these notes to be added however, but I didn't want to lose the fact that something happened at that point.

    Thanks for the guideance

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    @pitaj said in NodeBB v1.6.0 has been released!:

    I suggest you try it. It has been tested with Gmail, but we haven't been able to test other providers there.

    The switch offers no explanation and seems not to do anything.

    The switch enables that configuration, but it only applies if an emailer plugin isn't activated.

    OK, thanks for the explanation.

    I think I will stick to the external SES plugin since, as far as I understand, this whole section is about using SMTP for sending e-mails which requires storing credentials in database. We use IAM roles to grant implicit permissions to use SES on instances that run our Forums - and nodebb-plugin-emailer-ses is able to pick that up.

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    @TopQuark said:

    I would like to see someone develop an SSO, say, between PencilBlue or even Ghost to NodeBB.

    If Ghost or PencilBlue have support for an OAuth2 provider, then this is possible.

    At current there is no plugin to turn NodeBB into an OAuth2 provider, although that is an option as well.

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    You'd probably have to write an SSO plugin to share authentication. @julian has a ton of SSO plugins that you could use as a sample in writing your own one 🙂

    julianlam - Repositories

    julianlam has 152 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.


    GitHub (

    As far as user management... somebody was asking for a WP user management plugin. Kind of like if you upgrade a user's privileges in WP, it updates it in NodeBB as well. It's doable but the client didn't end up going for it so we never ended up building it

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    Ahh thanks for the clarification, I'll look at what needs to be changed, but I probally leave it alone for compatibility reasons.