Is there a plan for NodeBB for meteor ?

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  • Now with 1.3 in meteor the npm modules are available by default without any wrappers. Is this doable ?

  • I'm not an expert in NodeBB or Meteor, but I am well versed in the space in between and explored both.

    NodeBB and Meteor are built on completely different principles. Meteor is heavily front end driven, while NodeBB is heavily back end driven.

    Meteor handles templating on the front end and uses a server/cloud mostly just for API calls to get the info it needs to serve.

    NodeBB assembles everything backend and then uses front-end Javascript/AJAX/Jquery for dynamic interaction.

    It is doable thanks to the NodeBB API for a Meteor App to get what it needs from a NodeBB server, however the rest of the application would have to almost be built from the ground up to accommodate the differences in interaction. At that point, it would be less of a NodeBB Forum software and a NodeBB Server with a Meteor app attached.

  • Thanks for your reply!
    I figured as I am aware of the diferences, but worth to ask as from my perspective meteor is easier to develop with.
    I am new to NodeBB, and my opinion is that it is an amazing piece of software and the developers did an amazing job.
    It has it all as a skeleton for bigger and better apps (from my perspective) and it is sad that is made just as a forum.
    I am learning now how to extend the nodebb functionality.

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