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  • I am just saying how amazing NodeBB is. Well, maybe it is a combination of how amazing NodeBB, Node.js and redis is!

    I haven't upgraded my production forum to v1.0.0 yet as I want to confirm that the plugins I use will work as expected. I decided to "clone" my forum to a dev forum and then do an upgrade to the dev forum first. I haven't gotten to the upgrade part yet but the cloning was very easy.

    1. Installed redis-copy
    2. Did a local redis-copy to a new db redis-copy localhost/0 localhost/1
    3. Copied my production NodeBB tar cf - . | (cd /dev/forum/path; tar xvf -)
    4. Edited Dev to reflect new name, port and db number vim /dev/forum/path/config.json
    5. Added a dev.myforum.com entry to my Nginx configuration
    6. Started Dev NodeBB /dev/forum/path/nodebb start
    7. Changed my dev forum's name so I can quickly tell which forum I am visiting

    All is great at this point. My dev has the original content from production as well as a few new additions, that I've made, to confirm that production is still exactly how it should be.

    Later I'll shut down DevNodeBB and attempt the upgrade from v0.9.4 to v1.0.0

    Wish me luck

  • Whew. 😓 Glad I went through this exercise. My upgrade has run into a hitch. See here if interested or if you are good with redis

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