Do you really need jQuery?

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  • According to a new site making the rounds (and a repo that's currently trending!), no, you might not need jQuery. More on that shortly.

    At NodeBB, we have afairly divergent team when it comes to our tech stack. Sure, we all use Node.js and Redis, but those were decisions that we agreed upon after a bit of wrangling:

    • Do we use MySQL (MariaDB), MongoDB, or Redis? (We decided on Redis)
    • Should we use so many new technologies all at once? (We decided: Yes)
    • Should we completely open-source the NodeBB code? (We decided: Yes)

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    great job 🙂

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    @gotwf The themes are from Bootswatch, so I suspect you should contact them with suggestions 🙂

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    You might already be aware that we’re in the midst of the design phase of a new base theme for NodeBB. What you might not know is that we already have some interim design previews for you to look at! Check out Vlad’s work on our theme here We’ve been working closely with Vlad for […]

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  • GIFs support, ahoy!

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    @crazycells seems Tenor gif started sending back larger gifs which caused the camo proxy to fail (the default max size is 5mb. I upped it to 10mb now).

    Stop linking to huge GIFs people 😆

    Kramer Seinfeld GIF

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    @pramariena What would you like to know? What they've shared is what's in the blog post, but I am happy to answer questions.

    @omega I missed your questions, but it's a quick one. The whole moz project took only a couple months, and most of that was building out their custom theme and some custom functionality. Getting their forum imported into NodeBB was straightforward when using nodebb-plugin-import. We worked with @bentael for that one.

    One tricky bit was getting their URL redirections working. Their topic slugs were not easy to parse since they were at the root level (e.g. /community/q/this-is-the-topic-slug). This meant we had to create a redirect map for every one of their existing topics, and ensure they correctly routed to the new topic ID.