Are there any plugins or themes that change the way the reply box works?

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  • In short mode, it allows me to write off the screen which drives me a little crazy, and in tall mode, it blocks all the other replies 100%.

    Are there any plugins or themes that change this behavior? I'm not even sure what the best way would be, but I'd just like to see other options. Even if there was one that worked the way old forums worked, I'd take that... or the way reddit works.

    Thanks and sorry if sound too critical, it's still an amazing BBS!

  • @svetlana you can adjust the height of the reply box by dragging the chevron down or up and I believe that it stores it in local storage so that it remembers the height for next time. Does that help?

  • Aha that is amazing. Yes, that does help, thank you. Now i know, it's fine for me, but i dont think users will figure it out and might be turned off on first use.

    Is there a number I can change somewhere in the source code to change this to be e.g. 75% of screen height for all users by default? The default value is nice but too low. Not a big deal but would be nice.

  • You can hide composer (red button with +) and chat (user avatar as a button) windows by clicking on their respective buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click again to show window and see your own content.

    Try to browse forums when composer is opened. This is one more possible action to do.

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